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2023, May 10 - 15 / The Other Art Fair / Sydney


2023, May 4 - 7 / Rebirth / Ambush Gallery / Sydney 


2023, March 1 - 8/ / Phresh Produce / Luna Studio / Sydney

2023, February 16 - March 5 / Pride Group Show / The Art Centre of Sydney / Darlinghurst


2022, Dec 1 - 4/ The Other Art Fair / Sydney

2022, Oct 26 - Nov 2 / Omnifarious Creations / Luna Studio / Sydney


2022, Aug 17 / REBIRTH / The Good Space Gallery / Sydney

2022, July / The Other Art Fair / Sydney 


2022, July / MardiQueer / The Good Space Gallery / Sydney


2022, June 18 / Incognito Art Show / Sydney


2022, June 18 / Incognito Art Show / Sydney


2022, May / The Other Art Fair  / Melbourne


2022, Mar / Saatchi Art / The Other Avatars


2022, Mar / Mowgli Studio, Long Jetty  / Fundraiser


2021, Dec / The Other Art Fair / Sydney

2021 Jan / The Other Art Fair / Sydney

Kasia Frankowicz is a Sydney-based contemporary pop artist whose work is heavily influenced by street art, popular culture, and current political issues. She draws upon her personal experiences with religion and LGBTQI issues to create art that engages viewers in a dialogue about the complexities of life, with her artwork often touching on sexuality and religion.

Kasia's art invites us to challenge our assumptions and beliefs, encouraging us to think critically about the world around us. By challenging complacency, Kasia hopes to inspire people to be more critical and open-minded, to become more aware of the social constructs and the motivations behind them that shape our understanding of the world.

As a queer, intersectional feminist, Kasia's art reflects her outgoing and curious nature, her commitment to self-expression and creative thinking, and her exploration of the complexities of her Catholic upbringing, queer identity, and intersectional feminism. She loves to play with street art, pop culture, political issues, and other thought-provoking topics in her art.

Kasia believes that art should be a conversation starter and she invites viewers to challenge their assumptions and beliefs, encouraging them to think critically about the world around them. Her ultimate goal is to create art that resonates with people and makes them think, feel, and question their own perspectives. She wants her art to be a catalyst for change, and to make the world a more inclusive and loving place.

Kasia's work has been exhibited in various galleries and exhibitions in Sydney and beyond, and she is an active participant in the local queer art scene. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Kasia is also a passionate advocate for social justice, equality, and animal rights.

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