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Mounting Your Way to Aesthetically Pleasing Art: The Size and Color Debate

When it comes to hanging artwork in your home, it's not just about the piece itself, but also the mount that surrounds it. Different-sized and coloured mounts can greatly impact the overall look and feel of the artwork, and can even play into your interior design style.

If you're a maximalist, you may want to opt for a larger, bolder mount to make a statement. On the other hand, minimalists may prefer a more understated, thin mount to allow the artwork to speak for itself.

See here how the larger mount with the landscape frame makes the artwork appear larger than the square mount. Buy the artwork: Funny Pussy, by Kasia Frankowicz

But size and colour aren't the only factors to consider. The tone of the artwork and the room it will be displayed in should also be taken into account. A bright and vibrant mount may work well with a colourful piece of art but may be too overwhelming in a softer, more neutral space. Similarly, a thin, white mount may blend into the background in a bright and bold room, but could really make a statement in a more monochromatic setting.

To help you

navigate the art of mounting, here's a quick guide:

  • For a bold and colourful room: try a larger mount in a complementary color to make the artwork pop

  • For a neutral and minimalistic space: opt for a thin mount in a neutral colour to allow the artwork to be the focus

  • For a traditional or classic setting: go for a medium-sized mount in a neutral or wood tone to add a touch of sophistication

  • For a modern and edgy look: try a thin mount in a bright and unexpected colour to add a pop of personality

See here how a colourful mount compliments the work adding a more maximalist pop. If you have a more minimalist eye keep it sleek with a white mount. Buy the artwork: Authentic Andy Warhol Print, by Kasia Frankowicz

And remember, the only thing worse than a poorly mounted piece of art is… not mounting it at all! (Okay, we couldn't resist a cheesy art joke).

So go ahead and experiment with different sizes and colours of mounts to find the perfect fit for your artwork and interior design style. Happy mounting!

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